In the last few years we have left a mark in the field of Control Panel Development and services. With the kind of skills and experience we have in our work, we make sure you avail the best solutions for the technical challenges.

Conceptualizing, Designing & Commissioning: For the appropriate concept of Control System, the designing and manufacturing is done only after a detailed R&D of the concerned industry. Once the system is ready, then the whole installation and commissioning part is taken care of.

Preventative Maintenance / Refurbishment: A more cost-effective solution to routine maintenance by proactive test and routine maintenance activities are carried out under controlled conditions in our repair center. All tests carried out in accordance with original manufacturing specification.

 Service Exchange: Proactive 'repair by replacement' facility is available for specific instrumentation products. Each exchange program is developed specifically to suit the product type & application. All replacement units are either new or refurbished and are provided with guarantee.

"We understand the kind of services one need at times & again."