Hot Runner Controllers

ICON Series

Fulfilling high standards, ICON HRTC has made its way to molders heart The modular system integrates power &controls electronics on single PCB. Process & set values are distinctively displayed through different sized LEDS.Front panel also houses all status LEDs. The power output/thermocouple break /alarm LEDs give instant status of hotrunner system to operator. 

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Imperial Series

The MULTI Series controller series has been designed to satisfying the highest quality demands. In addition,extensive diagnostic and log functions are available that greatly facilitate testing and starting up complex hot runnermolds 

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ECON HRTC has proved its worth for budget projects of PET industry. The sturdy controller offers ease of operationto even unskilled operators. The hot swappable PID unit offers high accuracy required for PET processing. Process& set value is displayed through dual display LEDs. 

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