ECON HRTC has proved its worth for budget projects of PET industry. The sturdy controller offers ease of operationto even unskilled operators. The hot swappable PID unit offers high accuracy required for PET processing. Process& set value is displayed through dual display LEDs. The status/alarm indicators only light up to indicate status orerror. Thus allows checking the operating state of the hot runner system at a glance. A Powder quoted metal housingwith naturally cooled heat sinks ensures trouble free operation even in Indian harsh conditions. The side panelfeatures connectors for the load and thermocouples. Standard supply consists of heater & thermocouples cables inSS conduit & mold side connector.


  • Highly rugged construction to facilitate harsh environment
  • Digital / analog control & displays to facilitate ease
  • of use & understanding
  • Proportional power output ensure jerk free operation
  • of heaters extends heater life
  • Analog display of heater current
  • Soft start to evaporate moisture on initial start up