ICON Series

Fulfilling high standards, ICON HRTC has made its way to molders heart The modular system integrates power &controls electronics on single PCB. Process & set values are distinctively displayed through different sized LEDS.Front panel also houses all status LEDs. The power output/thermocouple break /alarm LEDs give instant status of hotrunner system to operator.The unit consists of standard mainframe units which houses guided plug in controllers. Thus ease of replacement isensured. Mainframe stands with castors are available on demand for easy handling & mobility.A Powder quoted metal housing & mainframes ensures trouble free operation even in Indian harsh conditions. Theside panel features connectors for the load and thermocouples.Standard supply consists of heater & thermocouples cables in SS conduit & mold side connector. 

Features :

  • Precisely temperature control adopting PID algorithm
  • Protecting overpower and false connection
  • Display parameters : Set and actual temperature
  • Proportional power output ensure jerk free operation of heaters,extends heater life
  • Digital display of heater current
  • Auto Manual Mode to facilitate power in case of thermocouple failure
  • Soft Start to evaporate moisture on initial start up.
  • Highly rugged construction to facilitate harsh environment
  • Double lock SS conduit for heater & thermocouple cables