Automation Industry Association

Automation Industry Association (AIA) founded in 2004, is India's apex automation industry body, with nearly 40 high tech automation companies. The technologies they represent encompass electrical automation, mechanical automation, continuous and batch process automation, robotics, machine vision, assembly and material handling systems, sensors, controllers, actuators, communication devices, HMI, real-time software, simulation, training, and a host of interface and supporting sub-systems

In order to fulfill the ever changing demand of skilled workforce, Adroit has partnered with AIA in its initiative for upgrading skills of engineers and technocrats. AIA's Campus Connect Program is an educational enhancement program for engineering students, which runs as a collaborative project between selected globally recognized industry partners and premier engineering colleges. It offers different levels of programs designed for undergraduate and post graduate engineering students. The program creates competency amongst teachers and students for building INTEGRATED AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS.

Adroit has invested its manufacturing and system Integration capabilities for manufacturing of state-of-art training kits designed with excellence for AIA's Campus Connect and Industry Connect Initiative.
Under the aegis of AIA, ADROIT offers state-of art desktop mounted and castor mounted integrations training kits.For further information visit at


  • Sensor Kit  : Sensor Kit lets you realize working of different types of sensors used in different industries
  • Motion control kit : Motion control System is an optimum way of learning precise linear motion and rotational motion
  • Control & Visualization Kit : C&V kit lets you learn controlling of a process through a controller and visualization system
  • Electro-pneumatic Kit : Lets you learn controlling of fluid power for a desired functionality


  •  Integration stand 1 & 2

Castor mounted integrated stands are sheer examples of interoperability of all automation components. These training kits are loaded with latest automation products, integrated to function in a desired way wherein learner can exercise and practice various industrial automation applications


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