Rishabh Instruments

Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd., with an experience of nearly three decades is an organization that has built its core competence in manufacturing, design and development of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products on strong fundamentals; in terms of people, infrastructure and financials. The company provides a hands-on, value driven, professional environment considering people its most important asset.

In the late 1990's the electro-mechanical era started shifting towards digital and to keep up with the trend, Rishabh started manufacturing Digital Panel Meters, Transducers, and a range of test and measuring products like Multimeters and Insulation Testers. Again technology was collaborated from European partners and products were manufactured in India. 

Rishabh also realized it's growing expertise in buying, cost reduction and other set of manufacturing skills and soon also started contract manufacturing of electrical instrumentation products for companies in western nations. It became a strong outsourcing partner to companies who apart from the cost advantage also loved Rishabh's investments in new technologies. 



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